It’s been a while…

But with a fresh start after the summer holidays a lot of stuff happened. My buddy Joost left, my job description changed a bit, got some more and other responsibilities now and my colleagues wrote a book which I read and did some quality checks on. I also made some of the images in the book. Meanwhile the deadlines for the A4Uexpo came nearby pretty fast. Gladly I’ve finished the whole thing today. Now it is time to work a bit on my blog and prepare for the presentation.

I’m really looking out for it. Joost and Marcus are really enthusiast about it and I’ve only heard good stuff. I’m very proud to speak there! All in all I hope to met you guys over there.

BTW. DaveN does a small dinner with Joost, Marcus and some more. Therefore he invited the readers of his blog and the listeners of Strike Point to give him a good reason to invite one more person. Well here’s my reason: since Joost left Onetomarket I can’t keep in the shadow anymore. I’m fun to hang out with and if that isn’t enough then I’ll get drunk on a boat on the thames I guess 😉