Reactionary vs. Visionary SEO

After reading the post from Shoemoney about SEO not having a future I’ve started to think. First off, I think he’s right. SEO is a Goldrush the last couple of years. A lot of ‘snake oil salesmen’ (by Jason Calacanis) are making a quick buck with some meta keywords and title stuff. Others have great linkfarms and dozen’s of syndicated RSS feeds, which gives them and their clients a bit of linklove. I think that these SEO’s will go out of business as the game get’s harder and harder. No big bucks to be made anymore. No easy money.

The people who are game in the industry right now, will stay on top. They always found good ways to get good, converting traffic and they will be able to do this in the future as well. After that I got another small epiphany.

All those people who are stepping in this big link bait trap that Jeremy pull off. Those are reactionary people. And probably do reactionary SEO as well. The whole problem is that by doing reactionary stuff you are never going to be on top of your game. Google isn’t reactionary, Apple isn’t. Microsoft is, look at where they are, not being able to buy Yahoo.

Apple is doing visionary stuff. Steve Jobs said it right: If you design for what people want, the product will be old by the time you’re able to sell it, and will not have everything people asked for. You can see very well how that’s been working for Apple. They dictate the market and even the whole industry, with the iPod and the iPhone. Google had a visionary look at the whole way web pages should be indexed, sorted out and displayed. This was a big guess, but it turned out pretty ok. Especially with their idea’s about how to monetize it.

The same goes for SEO’s. The good SEO’s are on top of their game. They are visionary. They actually have an idea about where the market is going to and they have an strong opinion how it should be done. By having a visionary look at things you’ll always be able to bypass the stuff that is going on and take shortcuts into news area’s. Reactionaries will always be second best.

Now ask yourself, and be fair, are you a reactionary SEO or are you a visionary SEO?

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  2. content writing advice

    I think that these SEO’s will go out of business as the game get’s harder and harder. No big bucks to be made anymore. No easy money.”

    I think that it isn’t a bad thing for the industry to mature. Anytime you have a new field it will initially populate with non-talented agents…
    liek the Real estate industry right now- During the boom hundreds of realtors ate at the feast, even if they weren’t any good. Now that things are leaner, they lost 20% of their members!
    Those who know what they are doing are doing BETTER than ever!

  3. Roy

    I’m not saying that this is a bad thing of course. The weeding out is a part of maturing indeed, and indeed people who know their ass from their elbow will be doing fine, also in ‘bad’ times!

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  5. Ramon Eijkemans

    I also think the game is getting harder and more mature. I also agree that you should be ahead of the game (and disagree with Joost), but… not too much. For a scientist or an artist it’s cool if they can say after 200 years that you were ‘ahead of your time’, but these guys usually were very poor…

    SEO is an industry of making money, so being too far ahead of your time actually means you’re not a good SEO. So yes, you should definitely be ahead of your time, but only to be the first to react when something changes.

  6. AlchemyV

    I think this is too general as a comment, especially one that draws analogies with Apple and Microsoft. SEO is a problem that one either gets or doesn’t. Sure as things go on, more precision is required, but the game really hasn’t changed that much from 10 years ago. From a business point of view, it simply means the barriers to entry are more expensive than it was to compete in SEO which means Online MArketing as a whole will become more important than it ever has.

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  8. edwin

    It all depends on the search engines main algorithm factors, to this date links are of major importance, when changed to individual preferences ( individual search ) its another ball game..

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  10. SEO Noobs

    Great points. It reminds me of the old idea 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people. It seems in SEO only a few are forward thinking and proactive, and the rest follow along playing copy cat.

    Your post is a good reminder how excellence requires innovation and taking chances.

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  12. Roy

    @AlchemyV: Thank you for you opinion. Gives stuff to think about.
    @SEO Noobs: Thank you, you’re right about the 80/20 principle, this affects all of us.